About Us

1. Company introduction

 - Starting in 1968 as an independent trading company of electronic components, KAGA has strived, not only to meet customer's request, but to exceed customer's expectations. As business grew, we gradually diversified our fields of business from electronic components to semiconductors, materials, PC/PC peripherals, tools, software, and even foods. Today, KAGA has more than 3,000 valued supplier channels all over the world directly dealing with each manufacturer, which enable us to provide value-added solutions.

2. Manufacturer Representative

- The group has numerous experienced sales & engineers who can support you and your product to penetrate into the market. Our staff and broad sales network channels can accelerate your growth in Asia.

3. Manufacturing Partner

- Our Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS) can provide you the total solution of business. Our factories keep high levels of quality following ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485, and TS16949. Our main focus is high mix low volume production in which we believe we can fully perform our expertise of designing, sourcing, procurement, manufacturing and sales.

4. Logistics Service

- As KAGA has worldwide coverage of sales/procurement channels, we can provide you cost effective logistic services. We can reduce your burden of transportation by providing kitting services, shipping consolidation services, VMI, JIT and Kanban systems.