Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions:

1. General

These Regulations stipulate that customers use the services provided by Kaga Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "My Company") (including Kaga Market, Kaga BOOKS, etc., hereinafter collectively referred to as "the service") to purchase goods in various conditions.

With regard to the use of this service by customers, in addition to these Regulations, our company also establishes the relevant special services, other subsidiary regulations and guidelines of these regulations. The subsidiary rules, guidelines, etc. of these Regulations are applicable to the use of this Service by the Customer as part of these Regulations. These Regulations are collectively referred to as "the Regulations" below.

When customers use the service, they are deemed to have agreed to the regulations.

2. The use of this service by Kaga members

Customers who have registered accounts with Kaga membership according to the Kaga membership regulations can use various services for Kaga members, such as points awarded in the Kaga Supermarket Loyalty Rules and coupon services regulated by the RaCoupon rules.

3. Incidental service additions, changes, etc.

Our company may appropriately increase the incidental service of this service (hereinafter referred to as “incidental service”) or change the content of this service without notifying the customer in advance. When customers use this service, they should comply with the regulations and guidelines that apply to such additions and changes. Article 4 (Notice)

4. Notice

When our company sends this service-related notice to customers, we send the e-mail according to the latest Kaga membership registration information or the e-mail address that the customer fills in when shopping, or publish it on the service-related website, or adopt methods that our company considers reasonable.

Customers should agree to the following beforehand. After the company sends a notification via e-mail to the e-mail address specified in the forward clause, the customer can refer to the e-mail or the company e-mails the e-mail 24 hours after the e-mail.

5. Contact and promotion

When the company conducts surveys or consultations with customers on the opinions and transaction status of the service, customers may contact the customer by telephone or mail.

When the company informs customers about the service-related activities or advertises according to legal regulations, etc., it may contact the customer by telephone, mail, mail, etc.

6. Registration and Account

1 registrant qualification
You acknowledge that in the actual use of the services in the manner permitted by the company, you should be a natural person, legal person or other organization who is at least 18 years old and has full civil rights competence and complete civil capacity. If you do not possess the aforementioned subject qualifications, you and your guardian shall bear all the consequences resulting from this, and our company has the right to cancel or permanently freeze your account and claim compensation from you.

2 Registration and Account

a. When you first enter the Kaga Shopping Website (http://www.taxan.com.hk), read and agree to the terms of this Agreement as indicated on the page, or if you actually use the services as allowed by other companies. You are bound by this agreement and all relevant rules.

b. Unless stipulated by law or judicial decision, or in accordance with the conditions announced by our company, your login name and password may not be transferred, gifted or inherited in any way, and the qualified file materials required by the company are required to be transferred, gifted or inherited. According to the company's operating procedures.
3 user information

a. When using the service, you should update your user profile from time to time to make it true, timely, complete and accurate. If there are reasonable grounds for suspecting that the information provided by you is wrong, false, out of date or incomplete, our company has the right to issue you a notice of inquiries and/or requests for corrections, and has the right to directly delete the corresponding information until the suspension. , Termination to provide you with some or all services. Our company does not assume any responsibility for this and you will bear any direct or indirect losses and adverse consequences arising therefrom.

b. You should fill out and update your email address, contact telephone number, contact address, zip code and other contact information in an accurate manner so that our company or other users can communicate with you effectively. We cannot contact you through these contact details. If you cause any loss or increase in the cost of using the service, you shall be solely responsible for it. You understand and agree that you are obliged to maintain the validity of the contact information provided by you. If you have any changes or need to be updated, you should follow the requirements of our company.
4 account security

You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your login name and password, and for all activities (including but not limited to disclosure of information, publication of information, consent to online clicks, or submission of any agreement regarding the rules, online renewal of your participation under the login name and password) Agreements or purchase services, etc.) Take responsibility. You agree:

a. If you discover any unauthorized use of your login name and password, or any other situation that violates your confidentiality regulations with our company, you will immediately notify the company; and

b. Make sure that you leave the site/service with the correct steps at the end of each online period. Our company cannot and will not be liable for any loss that may occur as a result of your failure to comply with this paragraph. You understand that it takes a reasonable amount of time for our company to act on your request. Our company does not assume any responsibility for the consequences (including but not limited to any loss you have incurred) before taking action.
5 log off name

a. If you have not logged in to the Kaga Shopping Website for three consecutive years, your login name may be cancelled and you will no longer be able to log in to the Kaga Shopping Website. All services will be terminated.

b. All acts performed during the use of the service are subject to the provisions and requirements of the relevant laws and regulations of all countries. They do not violate the public interest or public morals, do not harm the legal rights of others, and do not violate this Agreement and the relevant rules. If you violate any of the foregoing commitments and have any legal consequences, you should assume all legal responsibilities in your own name and ensure that our company and its affiliates are free from any resulting loss, and your account may be cancelled. Log in to any Kaga website and all Kaga website services terminate at the same time.

7. Prohibitions

1 The customer shall not engage in the following acts when using this service.

a. Violation of a law or court judgment, decision or order, or violation of legally binding administrative measures;

b. Impairs public order and good customs;

c. Providing benefits or other assistance to anti-social forces;

d. Transfer of illegally acquired benefits and encouragement and assistance to the above behavior;

e. posing as a third party or sending false information purposefully;

f. Application for purchase without purchase purpose;

g. refuse to sign the goods without justification;

h. Return without justification, etc.;

I. Dealing with yourself, internal transactions of a party or fraudulent transactions;

j. Obtaining points illegally or using them for illegal purposes;

k. Infringement or obstruction of the rights of our company, my company's group companies, stores, other customers, other third parties;

l. Illegal access or encourage illegal access

m. Induced errors in the service;

n. Use the service to detect errors that are not normally found, or use, create, or publish external tools that lead to unexpected results

o. Inflict excessive burden on my company, my company's group companies, stores, other customers' servers, computers, etc.;

p. Send or distribute harmful programs containing computer viruses to our company, my company's group companies, stores, other customers, and other third parties; r. Impair the operation of this service;

s. Use of the service for illegal purposes;

t. Acts that violate these regulations or violate the purpose of this service

u. Violation of Kaga members regulations, rules, guidelines etc. specified by our company;

v. Other acts that my company considers unreasonable.

2 When the customer violates the provisions of the preceding paragraph, or fails to perform the obligation to the store or my company, our company may perform some or all of the following measures without first notifying the customer.

a. Stop the use of the service by the customer, or stop or cancel the customer's Kaga membership in accordance with the Kaga membership rules;

b. Stop sending the goods, etc., or ask the shop to stop the above service;

c. require the customer to pay the purchase price in a different way than the payment method chosen when ordering the product;

d. In addition to canceling customer points, coupons, and other special codes, it also requires the return of illegally acquired benefits.

3 Our company will not assume any responsibility for the damage caused to the customer by the above measures.

4When a customer causes damage to the company by violating the provisions of the first item, he shall return the illegal gains to our company and compensate the losses caused by the company.

8. Management of personal information

Regarding the personal information obtained by customers when using the service, our company reasonably manages according to our company's personal information protection policy.

9. Prohibition of transfer

The customer may not assign or lend the relevant rights and obligations for use of the service to a third party.

10. Disclaimer

Interruptions/delays/stops/data caused by natural disasters, wars, terrorist activities, riots, development or repeal of laws and regulations, interventions or orders by government agencies, communicable diseases, blackouts, failures in communication lines or computers, system maintenance, etc. Disappearance/illegal access to data, accidents in logistics companies, labor disputes, equipment failures and other force majeure, etc. When the service is partially or totally stopped, our company will not bear any responsibility for the losses caused to customers.

According to the provisions of this contract, our company is only responsible for the best efforts to operate this service. Including the correctness, up-to-dateness, usefulness, reliability, legality, compliance with specific purposes, and non-infringement of third-party rights of the service (including the webpages operated by the store), our company does not assume any responsibility and does not Any guarantee.

Our company does not guarantee that emails or content sent through my company's web pages, servers or domain names will not contain computer viruses.

Our company provides information to customers and shops, but does not assume any responsibility for the use of the information.

Regarding the loss caused by the customer's violation of the regulations, our company will not bear any responsibility.

When customers use this service, they should use their own costs to prepare and improve the use of the network, computers, software and other environments. Our company does not assume any responsibility for the customer's use of the environment, etc., and the loss caused by the customer's use environment.

With regard to the use of this service by customers, our company is responsible to this customer except when our company deliberately or grossly negligence, only compensation for actual or direct losses of the customer. In addition, we do not assume any responsibility for any loss (including foreseen loss or foreseeable loss) caused by special circumstances.

11. Stop, stop

Our company may stop or terminate the provision of the service or the service of this service at any time for a specific customer or all customers without notifying the customer in advance. Our company will not bear any responsibility for the loss or disadvantage caused to the customer by stopping or terminating this service.

12. Invoice
The products sold on the Kaga website (http://www.taxan.com.hk) are all authentic licensed products. All of them are sent directly from overseas and purchased globally. Because they are overseas purchases, they do not support the issue of VAT invoices. Please also understand that. .

13. Changes to these Regulations

Our company may amend this regulation, etc. at any time without prior notice to the customer. When our company publishes these revised regulations on our company's website (except when our company stipulates that the revised regulation will take effect), it will immediately have legal effect. After the publication, when the customer uses the service, it is deemed that he has agreed to amend the provisions of these regulations.